ARAT Group

ARAT Group delivers high-tech equipment and automation mainly to the wood industry. Deliveries are made all over the world with a focus in the Nordic countries. The group includes Arivislanda, Renholmen, Almab, Hedlunds and Milltech.

ARAT’s driving force is that we can and like entrepreneurship, especially project-driven companies. Therefore, we also understand what is required to support and develop the companies successfully.

ARAT supports and provides optimal conditions for the subsidiaries’ profitability and development within theirs niche.


2024-01-19: Almab acquires Nolyx

ARAT’s subsidiary, Almab, has acquired the electronics company Nolyx, which supplies ready-made system solutions mainly in the wood industry.

Nolyx will be an independent subsidiary of Almab and with the expertise Nolyx possesses, there are now opportunities to expand our current offer and create comprehensive solutions for our customers in sawmills and planing mills, says Per Krej, CEO of Almab.

The acquisition of Nolyx took effect on December 7, 2023.

2022-01-13: ARAT acquires Höga Kusten Teknikresurs and Loginor

ARAT AB has completed two acquisitions, Höga Kusten Teknikresurs AB and Loginor AB, where both companies primarily target the sawmill industry.

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